Watch the (Clare Nicolson) Birdie!

October 12, 2008

Yesterday we went to a Fair upstairs at the Hillhead Library on Byers Road organised by the Glasgow Craft Mafia. It was our lucky day because we won a gorgeous Clare Nicolson vintage lavender birdie on the 20p tombola! This more than made up for not winning on the Euromillions lottery draw the night before on a £1.50 ticket. My girl was so excited, but I think I was even more so.

Then we immediately lost it on Byers Road! NO! Argh! After determinedly retracing our steps and going into the various charity shops we had already wandered through we were reunited with it thanks to — a traffic warden!

I am so pleased I asked this traffic warden, busy giving someone a ticket, had she seen a pretty pink and white bird?(!) “That’s not it there is it?” she said, taking our bird, still tagged, off the windscreen of the car she was ticketing!

Clare Nicolson lavender birdie

Clare Nicolson lavender birdie

Divine serendipity! If I hadn’t asked her we wouldn’t have found it even though some kind soul had picked it up off the pavement and put it on this windscreen.

The adage goes, ‘easy come, easy go’ or is it easily gained, easily lost’ — something like that anyway, but we persevered and easy-come came home safe with us, perhaps never to venture outside the house again.


One Response to “Watch the (Clare Nicolson) Birdie!”

  1. I’m glad you liked the birdie! It sounds like it’s had quite an adventure! 🙂

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