Hurray for Made in the Shade!

October 26, 2008

Lullaby Lily + Covetables at Made in the Shade

Lullaby Lily + Covetables at Made in the Shade

What a swell time we had being traders at Made in the Shade yesterday. I think the nicest part was sharing a stand with my darling gal-pal M. She has Covetables and simultaneously is one of the best cupcake makers in the world, no really! Celeb status.

I felt a bit fingers and thumbs when people bought one of my creatures not least because I am a novice but I had to have a complicated bag, tag and brad affair for my packaging and gift boxes with tissue for slugs and ponies and donkeys. Plus, I had a few blank moments regarding making change but perhaps these went unnoticed.

It was so lovely to see people smiling at my slugs, all looking very charming on their white gift boxes with name tags. I felt I was making the world the tiniest bit better by bringing a smile to people’s faces and I’m talking grown-up people here!

It was very wonderful to see the people who were buying what creatures. A lovely gal who has the gorgeous Etsy shop Feelfuzzy was so clearly to be the new owner of my Slug Who Got the Cream that I felt bad taking money off her so traded and ended up spending more at her stand because I loved this, one of these of a dachshund and a ring like this brooch of a butterfly so had to get them as presents for M and my girl.

Lullaby Lily space

Lullaby Lily space

Made in the Shade was fantastic! It was like Etsy real-life. Sweetheart superstar Ms Carrie Maclennan a.k.a. Lady Wurlitzer is a legend for being not just having the idea but making it happen. A fantastic array of beautiful, clever and inspiring hand made loveliness. Customers were wandering around three or more times because there was so much to take in. I was really proud to be part of it. Thank you so much amazing Carrie! (Yes, I did feel moved to make a knitted slug for her – argh, when will it STOP?!)


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