Winter Wanderings

November 25, 2008

Snowdrift Hedgehog snuffles onto Etsy's front page Treasury

Snowdrift Hedgehog snuffles onto Etsy

I am loving this Etsy Treasury – chosen for the front page a few days ago – and featuring ta-ra-ta-ra! my little Snowdrift Hedgehog who looks so happy in such aesthetically-nourishing company.


Letting go

November 21, 2008

M. asked me to knit some piglets for our school fayre with some very pretty pink alpaca wool yarn. So I made 3 adorable little pigs. Having been getting bigger and bigger with my ponies, particularly My Big Pony and King Luxe Pony and it was surprisingly lovely to use this fine yarn again.

This alpaca works as beautifully as the lovely pink Merino wool I used for Strawberry Nougat Pig and Pink Rose Angel Pony – both of whom have gone to extremely lovely homes! But I am digressing into pinkness … after using the alpaca for the little pigs I picked up some very fine Kid Mohair I had already used to make a “Wonky Pony” and realised the colors were quite wild boar-like.

Could I make a wild boar? Yes! Wild Boar Baby happened and I am very proud of her. Well, I hummed and hawed about keeping her or letting her go, what was in her best interest? *lol* Into the shop she went and has been immediately noticed by her meant-to-be person and is already winging her way to her new home with a wonderful lady.

OK, so here’s a bit of an admission – I had to wrap her carefully and take her with me to show my fab friend, M. – but not really because she was a part of Wild Boar Baby’s creation but em, because I wanted someone to see her before she went in the post! Now I feel the need to put pictures of her in my blog – and write a whole bunch of words about it. *lol*

Little boxes

November 20, 2008

M. just told me that my knit slugs packaging has been featured in an Etsy How-to guide. Yay. Then I checked out the author daniellexo’s favorites and had to stop looking at them because i was practically duplicating everything in there! So many beautiful things.

Mocha Slug trying to escape its gift box

Mocha Slug trying to escape its gift box

Etsy Gift Guide front page

November 19, 2008

Lullaby Lily Donkeys on the Etsy front page

Lullaby Lily Donkeys on the Etsy front page - hee-haw!

Am so excited my darling Donkey Daddy and Me set made it into an Etsy-curated Gift Guide on the Etsy front page! Thank you lovely Sandcookies (aloha!) for letting me know.


November 18, 2008

Glittery Griffin Pony stays home

Glittery Griffin Pony stays home

Let me introduce you to my new love. He happens to be a glittering griffin pony. A knit toy! Albeit mohair and knitted on ebony knitting needles and complete with a glittering boa garland around his forelegs and neck and a multi-colored head – but still, a knit pony. Griffin pony I should say.

I knitted him over a month ago and he sat in honored position in our living room without tail or ears and wool stuffing poking out his back end as I contemplated his beauty just as he was; unfinished, full of possibility and all kinds of potential (an arrow tail? wings? huge dragon wings? big or small ears? plaited tail? no ears?). So at last yesterday he came to his fixed state of loose, generous tail, smallish ears and no wings. I love him!

How wonderful the world is that something as simple as a knitted toy can become an object of absolute joy. That it can give such a sense of accomplishment. I guess this is why we all make things – we are creating something unique, and loving it. A tiny contribution to life that is sweet and lovely.

Feathery, glittery love ponies

Feathery, glittery love ponies

So I’ve taken his pic, alongside another little cutie, who will stay home with us, a pretty little brown feathery pony. I may possibly hoard *three* ponies since I have another baby blue and glitter collar pony … *happy*

Fairy Princess Pulse Protectors

Fairy Princess Pulse Protectors

This weekend I made these darling pink, lilac and gold kid mohair “pulse protectors” – a luscious and practical accessory garment for hip Fairy Princesses. And right after those cuties came polar opposite natural mushroom colored, neutral, bamboo yarn Baby Wrist Warmers.

Baby Wrist Warmers

Baby Wrist Warmers

These are so adorable I feel like I want to knit hundreds of pairs and run round popping them on the chubby wrists of every baby I see. Hey, it is COLD here in Glasgow!

There is something strangely comforting and cosy and hug-like about wearing wrist warmers. I think it’s because it is a pulse point and having it wrapped creates a sense of protection. Plus, wrist warmers look great. They’re practical too: you can drop them down over the hand when its very cold and they don’t get in the way of movement.  Yay for wrist warmers. Am about to make some balaclavas …

Original garments

November 1, 2008

Kid Mohair Pony and matching The Bha Top

Kid Mohair Pony and matching The Bha Top

I’m now making handknitted vests, tank tops, tunics, over vests, pullovers, wrist warmers, cowls, shrugs and tabards for children in my new Etsy shop “vestments”. Each one is a free form One Of A Kind (OOAK), never to be repeated, impossible to copy, utterly unique! You can see them here.

This lovely tangent began thanks to my darling friend freedomRainbow on Etsy when we traded one of her freedomLotusNaturals wool visors for this top custom (pic above) created for her daughter in kid mohair and handspun pure wool trim (plus a little kid mohair pony as a gift).