Diametrically opposed wrist warmers

November 17, 2008

Fairy Princess Pulse Protectors

Fairy Princess Pulse Protectors

This weekend I made these darling pink, lilac and gold kid mohair “pulse protectors” – a luscious and practical accessory garment for hip Fairy Princesses. And right after those cuties came polar opposite natural mushroom colored, neutral, bamboo yarn Baby Wrist Warmers.

Baby Wrist Warmers

Baby Wrist Warmers

These are so adorable I feel like I want to knit hundreds of pairs and run round popping them on the chubby wrists of every baby I see. Hey, it is COLD here in Glasgow!

There is something strangely comforting and cosy and hug-like about wearing wrist warmers. I think it’s because it is a pulse point and having it wrapped creates a sense of protection. Plus, wrist warmers look great. They’re practical too: you can drop them down over the hand when its very cold and they don’t get in the way of movement.  Yay for wrist warmers. Am about to make some balaclavas …


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