November 18, 2008

Glittery Griffin Pony stays home

Glittery Griffin Pony stays home

Let me introduce you to my new love. He happens to be a glittering griffin pony. A knit toy! Albeit mohair and knitted on ebony knitting needles and complete with a glittering boa garland around his forelegs and neck and a multi-colored head – but still, a knit pony. Griffin pony I should say.

I knitted him over a month ago and he sat in honored position in our living room without tail or ears and wool stuffing poking out his back end as I contemplated his beauty just as he was; unfinished, full of possibility and all kinds of potential (an arrow tail? wings? huge dragon wings? big or small ears? plaited tail? no ears?). So at last yesterday he came to his fixed state of loose, generous tail, smallish ears and no wings. I love him!

How wonderful the world is that something as simple as a knitted toy can become an object of absolute joy. That it can give such a sense of accomplishment. I guess this is why we all make things – we are creating something unique, and loving it. A tiny contribution to life that is sweet and lovely.

Feathery, glittery love ponies

Feathery, glittery love ponies

So I’ve taken his pic, alongside another little cutie, who will stay home with us, a pretty little brown feathery pony. I may possibly hoard *three* ponies since I have another baby blue and glitter collar pony … *happy*


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