Letting go

November 21, 2008

M. asked me to knit some piglets for our school fayre with some very pretty pink alpaca wool yarn. So I made 3 adorable little pigs. Having been getting bigger and bigger with my ponies, particularly My Big Pony and King Luxe Pony and it was surprisingly lovely to use this fine yarn again.

This alpaca works as beautifully as the lovely pink Merino wool I used for Strawberry Nougat Pig and Pink Rose Angel Pony – both of whom have gone to extremely lovely homes! But I am digressing into pinkness … after using the alpaca for the little pigs I picked up some very fine Kid Mohair I had already used to make a “Wonky Pony” and realised the colors were quite wild boar-like.

Could I make a wild boar? Yes! Wild Boar Baby happened and I am very proud of her. Well, I hummed and hawed about keeping her or letting her go, what was in her best interest? *lol* Into the shop she went and has been immediately noticed by her meant-to-be person and is already winging her way to her new home with a wonderful lady.

OK, so here’s a bit of an admission – I had to wrap her carefully and take her with me to show my fab friend, M. – but not really because she was a part of Wild Boar Baby’s creation but em, because I wanted someone to see her before she went in the post! Now I feel the need to put pictures of her in my blog – and write a whole bunch of words about it. *lol*


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