All things are possible

March 14, 2009

Baby Angel Pig

Baby Angel Pig

If darling angora knit pigs such as winged Baby Angel Pig can fly then I CAN move my blog over to blogspot.

AGAIN WordPress doesn’t allow something blogger does so I am going to move my blog over to a blogspot home. This time it was not being able to put an RSS feed of my tweets onto this page. But it’s easy to do on blogspot. This on top of not being able to add my etsy shop and favorites means it is bye bye wordpress……. *soon*


2 Responses to “All things are possible”

  1. Alison Says:

    I love this little piggly, what size is it? I am imagining it pretty small for some reason.

    Lovely whatever the size! I have added your blogger blog page to my blogs I follow section cos I am so nosy and just have to see what people are up too, so when you decide which blog to stick with let me know please. Cheers. X

  2. lullabylily Says:

    Brilliant, I just connected with you on Twitter as well. I think I am going to stick with WordPress for at least a while.

    Little piggly, how sweet, it is a baby angel pig and you are right, it is weeny at about 3″ tall and 5″ from snout to tail.

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