Choosing who they want

April 8, 2009

Denim Bliss Cat

Denim Bliss Cat

Just like real cats knit cats seem to choose their people too. I know about real cats choosing their people because I regularly saw them do that when I volunteered at the SPCA Cat Module. (They would turn their back on and completely ignore one person and be all over another in the twitch of a whisker.) So little Denim Bliss Cat above was created several months ago in pure cotton chunky yarn and suddenly her person appeared in the form of a toddler girl just the other day. A very lovely friend of mine wanted to buy a knit toy for this little one but had not met her yet. Luckily she lives near me so she chose Denim Bliss Cat from my actual real life hand knit creatures that comfort. It turned out that the little girl has a real thing for cats, LOVES cats! A happy home for a happy cat. I must make more knit cats…

LullabyLily knit kitty kats

LullabyLily knit kitty kats


One Response to “Choosing who they want”

  1. Annette Says:

    that is fascinating to know Flora, about the cats choosing their human!

    and so glad the little human got to choose her knit cat too!

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