Banana Slug love

April 20, 2009

LullabyLily resident slugs discover slug mascot

LullabyLily resident slugs discover slug mascot

So I have fallen in love with a whole other kind of slug that I am ashamed to say I had not heard of – the Banana Slug, official mascot of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Thank you to the lovely Trudy who enlightened me of this wonderful breed of yellow slitherslakers when she gave a home to LullabyLily Wasabi Banana Slugs!

How delighted I was to hear about the slimy creature that lived deep amongst the Californian redwoods and who had been embraced, adopted, loved and fiercely protected as the emblem of the campus. In fact having done a quick google search I see it was voted Best College Mascot by Reader’s Digest in 2004! Hey, how fabulous is the world we live in?!

Can you imagine how thrilled and grateful I was therefore to receive in the post a little treasure trove of Banana Slug collectables from Trudy direct from the campus gift shop. Our resident slugs were curious and in awe as you can see.

The upside of not knowing about something that it seems everyone else knows about is the joy you get when you eventually discover it. But I did feel a bit dumb when, as self-designated Knit Slug Cult Leader, I had to be reminded by a friend that John Travolta wore an iconic University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slug t-shirt in Pulp Fiction. Oh yeah.


One Response to “Banana Slug love”

  1. Beadyjan Says:

    Well I never thought I’d be uttering the words “Hey your SLUGS are cute” but they are!

    I found my way here via UK hnadmade and would be honoured if you’d pop by my blog

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