Honor the yarn stash

May 3, 2009

The war baby's original balls

The war baby's original balls

Having an abundant yarn stash is akin to having a fully stocked food pantry; when you have ingredients to hand you’re inspired to create all kinds of things you wouldn’t otherwise. So things get made that simply wouldn’t exist without your yarn (or embroidery/paper/paints etc) stash.

My yarn stash is fit to bustin’ right now having placed an order with a wonderful supplier. Then my friend M. was offered two bags of yarn by a fellow seller at a Glasgow Craft Mafia fair and took one. She gave me rummage privileges the other day and mainly because the yarn was part of an elderly lady’s stash which she couldn’t take into a rest home and I felt a bit sentimental about the reverence of her yarn stash I took loads!! *lol*

Whopper Giant Slug

Whopper Giant Slug

She (the elderly lady) had saved even tiny little balls of remnant yarns, marble size, so I figure she was of the war baby generation where everyone saved every scrap of everything and re-used it. I think she would be delighted that one of the first things I have made with her stash is a Whopper Giant Slug for a darling 5 year old boy. I think these are some of his colors and the slug turned out SO good so I think some of the original yarn stasher’s lovely energy is with it along with mine.

As a stash afficionado I would say examining her stash this lady has knitted hundreds of baby clothes in all baby colors, many child sweaters in natural tones, several toys in bright acrylics – I think her stash could easily be 20 years old. Lovely, I am honored to have some of it and so glad some thoughtful person saved it from landfill and took it to a craft fair to find a good home.


5 Responses to “Honor the yarn stash”

  1. Ania Says:

    May I say here that the enormous slug is settling in well into the new family although there was a bit of an argument as to which bed he (as it is surely he!) was meant to sleep tonight. Thank you Flora, S absolutely LOVED the slug! You should have taken a picture of it next to a head of lettuce as the photo really does not do “his” size justice. We all love him!!!!

  2. Annette Says:

    What a beautiful and dashing slug that is indeed!!!

    (lovely colours – the blues and browns)

  3. Cool site, love the info.

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