Festive Cheer

November 5, 2009

Quirky stocking stuffers

Merry Christmas Slug stocking stuffers

It’s Fireworks night here tonight which means it’s nearly Christmas! To help make Christmas very merry I’ve designed these knit slug stocking stuffers in berry red, Christmas tree green and snowy white.

You can get them individually, in sets of 3, 5 or 10. Each Merry Christmas Slug is individually trapped in its own cello bag with “Merry Christmas Slug Ho! Ho! Ho!” card topper. How cute tucked in a Christmas stocking?

Individually trapped

Trapped so they don't need wrapped

Two Lullaby Lily friends have already captured sets of 5 and 10. The lady who bought 10 is giving them to her slug-loving friend with the idea that they are used as tree decorations – how clever is that? When she mentioned her sweet idea I imagined them slithering around a Christmas dinner table, ew! Lovely.

I never thought of them as Christmas decorations.

Hello? Do I hear Martha Stewart calling?


Post Script: Hurrah! Lullaby Lily Merry Christmas Slugs featured in Etsy Gift Guide


One Response to “Festive Cheer”

  1. Annett Says:

    Congratulations on the gift guide Flora!
    and I love the idea of the slug tree and the slug table!!

    my two slugs live in one of my kitchen display cupboards and I get to see them every day as they watch me make cups of tea and wash up!

    (my other two 🙂 will be living in Norway soon with my sister-in-law on a special Barbie sized ‘couch’ jewellery holder!)

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