Treasured piggies

January 31, 2010

A darling pig-themed (with a little penchant for flying pigs) Etsy treasury from Belladonna78 featuring LullabyLily Lilac Pig.


Pastel Slug Tribe

January 30, 2010

The light when snow clouds are shielding the sun seems to wash the colors out of everything in a lovely watercolor way. Hello Pastel Slug Tribe in washed-out, palest pastel colors. Tiny shades of Spring in the undergrowth.

Feng Shui Slugs

January 25, 2010

Who knew? Custom Order Feng Shui Slugs for a lovely lady in Belgium.
Passion/ Love Slug, Yin and Yang Slugs.

The Passion/Love Slug is gorgeous in rich, red and super-soft yarns. I used a scarlet red chenille yarn that has amazing tiny flickers of sparkly red through it – like the sparks of passion!

I also used another shade of red chenille yarn and a yarn made up of loads of fiery red threads.

I noticed (and you can see it in the photo) one of these threads made a little loop outside the knitting and was about to tuck it in neatly when I thought it was like being ‘undone’ in passion so I have left it! LOL.

The white and silver Slug is knit with pure white bamboo yarn with white wool mix yarn and a beautiful silver fibre yarn. The fibres look white in the photos but they are actually silver white. I stuffed this one lightly so it is soft and more feminine.

The black and gold one I made with black bamboo yarn with bright gold lurex yarn and a dull gold fibre yarn. I stuffed it more firmly and made it slightly bigger than the white and silver slug.

What a joy – these Feng Shui Slugs practically made themselves! Beautiful energy.

Darling Donkey

January 23, 2010

The thing I really love about donkeys is their VERY LARGE EARS. Darling De la Creme Donkey is an excellent listener for little ones. And he’s warm and comforting being stuffed with pure wool.

Love Ffffound!

January 19, 2010

I know it looks like I am just developing a penchant for sites with multiple letters in their names, – Booooooom and now Ffffound! But it is really my loving this screen capture thingy that has been hiding in my Mac forever and I only just Ffffound it!

Here is sweet – but kinda raunchy – The Love Slug who some lovely person selected on this Ffffound site. How darling. You see, you ffffind love in all kinds of interesting places.


January 16, 2010

Knit slugs are everywhere! Giant Banana Slug slithers onto the wonderful art + design +photo + film + culture website Booooooom. Follow the fabulous @Booooooom on Twitter. (And me! @LullabyLily.)


January 10, 2010

A delicate, lovely, delightful Treasury by Shavingkitsupplies from that made it to the Etsy Front Page – with my darling little Bird.