Aw! Beautiful blog

August 24, 2010

How delightful to be featured on darling Sashka’s blog, Diaper Style Memoirs as one of “3 wonderful things”. I took a quite screen grab to show you Brumby Pony but am sure you’ll want to see what the other 2 wonderful things are – check out her beautiful blog immediately!

Treasured piggies

January 31, 2010

A darling pig-themed (with a little penchant for flying pigs) Etsy treasury from Belladonna78 featuring LullabyLily Lilac Pig.

Love Ffffound!

January 19, 2010

I know it looks like I am just developing a penchant for sites with multiple letters in their names, – Booooooom and now Ffffound! But it is really my loving this screen capture thingy that has been hiding in my Mac forever and I only just Ffffound it!

Here is sweet – but kinda raunchy – The Love Slug who some lovely person selected on this Ffffound site. How darling. You see, you ffffind love in all kinds of interesting places.


January 16, 2010

Knit slugs are everywhere! Giant Banana Slug slithers onto the wonderful art + design +photo + film + culture website Booooooom. Follow the fabulous @Booooooom on Twitter. (And me! @LullabyLily.)


January 10, 2010

A delicate, lovely, delightful Treasury by Shavingkitsupplies from that made it to the Etsy Front Page – with my darling little Bird.


December 30, 2009

I’ve just discovered at Craftcult a trove of Treasuries featuring LullabyLily loveliness on the Etsy Front Page. Above and below are a couple of screen captures.

Winter’s coming

October 23, 2009

Snow Slug in Treasury

Giant Snow Slug on Etsy front page treasury


What a piece of translucent loveliness in cool blues and zing reds. I’m all warm inside about my new Snow Slug being featured in this divine Etsy front page treasury! The Curator of this Treasury is the very talented duo behind Adatine – check out this Etsy store’s fabulous natural children’s wear and accessories for grown-ups.


June 15, 2009

Woodland Hedgehog

Woodland Hedgehog

I have a little blush on today because the beautiful people at have honored LullabyLily as a Featured Seller. Have a peep at the interview with me.

Gosh, mumble mumble. Thank you

Spring colors

May 7, 2009

Whopper Giant Slug in front page Treasury

Whopper Giant Slug in front page Treasury

Woo-hoo to spring and pretty colors – Giant Whopper Slug just loves showing off on the front page! Here he/she is strangely loving being in the sunny limelight on 05.05.09. (And how funny he/she is right next to a frilly top serendipitously named the same as me.)

That’s dashing

May 5, 2009

Dashing Donkey on Etsy Front Page

Dashing Donkey on Etsy Front Page

Oh, Dashing Donkey how urbane, moderne and definitely dashing you look in this company! Glorious Etsy Front Page Treasury composed by Illuminatedperfume, April 09.