Pastel Slug Tribe

January 30, 2010

The light when snow clouds are shielding the sun seems to wash the colors out of everything in a lovely watercolor way. Hello Pastel Slug Tribe in washed-out, palest pastel colors. Tiny shades of Spring in the undergrowth.

Knit slugs world domination

September 4, 2009

Knit slug actual pattern

Uncommon Knit Slug pattern excerpt

Oh the excitement! Someone asked to buy my knit Slug pattern so ta-ra! I’ve written it up, made it a nice PDF (without the slugs slithering all over it) and am about to make it available in my shop!

Get ready for knit slug world domination!


July 23, 2009

Candystripe Baby Pig

Candystripe Baby Pig


Let’s reminice for a moment about candlewick blankets from the 1960’s. While I hadn’t intended to make a candlewick style pig, here she is! Beautifully soft and snuggly!

Bags that one

March 28, 2009

wintery knit purses

wintery knit purses

Knit bags, how cute. Perfect little homely parcels for a child’s treasures. Also hopefully a way to raise some funds for our school this week on the craft stall!

I knit them freeform based on how much yarn I had rather than to a design. I’ve made 6 so far – I think I may also make some girly ones.

Coral Rose Angel Pony and Painted Pony

Coral Rose Angel Pony and Painted Pony

I have discussed this with other creative people – the peculiarity of some things (dolls in particular) making themselves so I know it’s not just me. Sometimes it’s like you’re channelling! Why is this? I think there are lots of reasons, apart from the sheer fundamentals of creation, including managing to not keep everything you make yourself but set them free in the world.

When I look at the two ponies above I forget that I made them! I think, how gorgeous are those ponies? Oh wait a minute, I made them! It’s really strange. It’s like I have a simultaneous affinity and love for them and an objective detachment. I’m struck by how they seem to have individual personalities (more on this thought another day).

And I am always thinking how amazing it is that I make knit toys. I mean me who years ago thought my friend Kirsten was very sweet for loving knit toys, especially vintage ones, but not really getting her deep attraction. (But being very respectful of it since she is a sculptress and fantastic stylist). And yet – what happen’? here I am (self-styled) Knit Toy Mistress.

Not sure if I have explained this thought very articulately since I have just woken from a nap but will post anyway and maybe edit later. I’m about to carry on with a twined cotton and feather yarn pony in pinks. Yesterday I knitted an adorable (see, objective viewpoint remember?!) stripey pig but he is yet to be made up and the other day I finished knitting a dynamite midnight blue and star-silver twinkly tinsel (!) yes, that’s right TINSEL mohair pony and have order some special nightsky blue roving to stuff him with.

Inspiring Yarns

September 24, 2008

A while ago I found a wonderful seller on ebay who used to be a knitwear pattern designer and has a massive stash of unusual yarns which she occasionally auctions off in small lots. I find these yarns so inspiring! The small stash I have of them at the moment is still in skeins, all different yarns and lengths. Pretty colors, wools, cottons, luxe chenilles – ooo!

yarn balls

yarn balls

So last night, while talking to M on the phone, I was also winding the skeins into balls. I find this very soothing and strangely therapeutic. Here’s a pic of some balls I did last night. What will they turn into? Cats? Ponies? Vests?