Witch’s Cat Fight

September 27, 2008

Witch’s Cat did not even have his tail sewed on before my girl wanted him to fight Teal Cat(!). So poker tail added she grasped him and launched her Witch’s Cat into a cat fight with her Teal Cat. They were evenly matched in size and surprisingly in temperament too. Who do you think won? I don’t know either! (Think it was Teal Cat, being the eldest?) Let me ask the director and get back to you


September 20, 2008

I have just knitted 4 black cats for Halloween. Two are in black satin ribbon and black velvet chenille yarn, one in a black chunky ragged chenille with a pale silver sparkle through it (which sounds Halloween hideous but is instead delicious!) and one in black velvet chenille yarn double thickness.

I haven’t yet sewn and stuffed them but I can see already they will be adorable. So one stays home, one to the best friend and at least one for LullabyLily. Am going to make many!