This Giant Slug now lives in England

LullabyLily Giant Slug needing home

(Yes, still here and not at my blogger second home yet.) As I made two Giant Slugs today to give as birthday presents I realised again how gorgeous these babies are. The shape of them is so appealing and you can squish them into different sluggy positions. [I have a continual impulse to tweak upwards the feelers on all my girl’s knit slugs, I can’t help it!] I made one each for two 6 year old birthday boys who were having a combined party. Boys love these knit slug toys, and no doubt there is competition over who has the biggest one.

This Giant Slug is now the beloved pet of an older boy in England

This Giant Slug is now the beloved pet of an older boy in England

One of the things I love about knitting something for someone I know, child or adult, is allowing my intuition to choose the yarn colors and seeing what is created while I’m thinking about that person. So the first boy whom we’ve known for a couple of years now has a giant slug which was made with several different yarns in a rich burgundy, natural yellow mohair, natural mushroom raw wool and a soft twisted stripe yarn in brown and cream. He’s a warm Autumny honey just like this darling boy! (I am putting a slightly smaller version in my Etsy shop.)

The second slug I made was for a boy I haven’t known for long but like very much who is sensitive and complex and charming. The Giant Slug he inspired in me is so stunning I am delighted to have enough of all the yarns to make another similar one. It is in greys and blues, but different to the bluegrey one above.

Natural Giant Slug

Natural Giant Slug

Knitting with as many as 8 different yarns of varying plys [a fine mohair with a chunky raw wool or a thick chenille with a tape yarn] on big needles (7’s or even 9’s) reminds me of some of the different parts of each person that make them the individual they are. OK, I know I am sounding slightly pretentious but there we are. I feel the various yarns I use to knit, in this example, a Giant Slug, somehow DO represent the many facets of a particular personality. And I also think that by allowing my intuition to guide me this way I make something that in turn resonates in a surprising way with the recipient.

PS We found a real, live Giant Slug in our compost bin yesterday, he was a beauty!!


September 20, 2008

I have just knitted 4 black cats for Halloween. Two are in black satin ribbon and black velvet chenille yarn, one in a black chunky ragged chenille with a pale silver sparkle through it (which sounds Halloween hideous but is instead delicious!) and one in black velvet chenille yarn double thickness.

I haven’t yet sewn and stuffed them but I can see already they will be adorable. So one stays home, one to the best friend and at least one for LullabyLily. Am going to make many!