Cosy gauntlets

March 16, 2009

I will not use my lusicous cashmerino gauntlets while walking the dog

I will not wear my luscious cashmerino gauntlets while walking the dog

Having seen SO many beautiful knit wristlets, cuffs and wrist warmers on Etsy I have now, with Winter nearly over and Spring officially beginning on Friday’s vernal equinox, made myself some cosy, snuggly knit gauntlets. I knitted them freeform based on my own wrist size (nice haute couture!). I tallied up my rows as I went so the second of the pair would be the same (but this didn’t work first time, see below!)

I will not eat sticky foods while wearing my luscious gauntlets

I will not eat sticky foods while wearing my luscious gauntlets

I used a lovely yarn – Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (cashmere, silk, merino) – in a rich chocolate brown. As you might have noticed from my Purist the Giant Pig posting the other day I am really into texture at the moment. Here’s where ‘boring’ garter (plain) stitch comes into its own. I have completely revised my perspective on it and love it now. While I am also loving two/two ribbing i chose to do garter stitch to finish these fitted gauntlets. I wasn’t in the mood for knitting in the round either for the whole gauntlet or the thumb so I simply left a space on the sewn seam for my thumb to poke through.

I think it looks great. Kinda minimalist. My plan is to use these as the base for very fancy sewn and knitted cuffs and wear them through Spring and cooler Summer nights. Here is my free pattern – I just scanned my workings rather than type them up. If you decide to knit these sweet gauntlets, email me [darling[at]] for any help – for example, I cast on 44 stitches because I have quite skinny wrists and forearms so you might want to experiment a bit with the number of cast on stitches but I would keep the same decreases from elbow to wrist and small increases over the knuckles.

free knit gauntlets pattern

free knit gauntlets 'pattern'

And please don’t feel bad if you mindlessly increase instead of decreasing because unbelievably I did this and couldn’t understand why my second gauntlet was so much wider than the first! *lol* So had to rip it out – after sewing it up even – and start again. Have a go if you like these and especially if you want a base gauntlet to then put fancy cuffs [like this LIASION luscious affair I just noticed on Etsy] on when you feel like it.


PSĀ  (10 April 2009) I am now making my Gauntlets to order through my new Knitkin shop so if you’d like a pair in a color and yarn (wool/cashmere/cotton/silk etc) of your choice just email me at darling[at] Have look in Knitkin because I may already have some knitted up.