Spring Hedgehog

March 21, 2010

Bulb leaves shooting out of frosted earth, absurdly bright yellow crocuses, warm sunlight on our faces. Spring is here. Spring Hedgehog is a special custom order.


Soft for softies

December 16, 2009

Super-pink, ultra-soft Pink Hedgehog has gone to her forever home with a beautiful granny in the US. She was not feeling so great so her daughter had me send her Pink Hedgehog who is now getting lots of cuddles. I am really moved by this since it hadn’t occurred to me how comforting knit toys like super-soft, super-pink Pinky here would be for the more frail amongst us.


June 15, 2009

Woodland Hedgehog

Woodland Hedgehog

I have a little blush on today because the beautiful people at Coriandr.com have honored LullabyLily as a Featured Seller. Have a peep at the interview with me.

Gosh, mumble mumble. Thank you Coriandr.com.

Natural hand knit toys

March 16, 2009

Hand made hedgehog, rear view!

Hand made hedgehog, rear view!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against polyester in any way and definitely not against polyester filling; it has a lot of benefits not least affordability. But, hello, there is just no comparison (em, let’s leave the easy laundry factor to one side for a minute!) with pure wool as a filling for natural hand knit toys.

I only use pure wool stuffing like Merino roving for all LullabyLily knit darlings. It sculpts beautifully, has a warmth to it, it is cosy and dense but squishy too. It was once a living fibre. It is comforting. And at LullabyLily we like comforting.