Natural knit toy SALE

March 2, 2010

Aw! Can you believe beautiful cashmere and wool Chocolate Angel Pony is only $26 reduced from $35?

Yes! It’s the super SALE at LullabyLily. Hand knit original toys stuffed with pure wool, gorgeous! And every one is on sale; ponies, one donkey, slugs, piggies, cats – magificent! Be quick, go to the LullabyLily etsy shop here and see who is left.


January 16, 2010

Knit slugs are everywhere! Giant Banana Slug slithers onto the wonderful art + design +photo + film + culture website Booooooom. Follow the fabulous @Booooooom on Twitter. (And me! @LullabyLily.)

Big Furry Slug

July 13, 2009

Big Furry Slug

Big Furry Slug

You might have noticed that I’m having a bit of a furry phase. This is mainly caused by having ordered some gorgeous luxury yarn and making all sorts of things out of it.

Now I know you might think that the pic above shows a em, blob of some sort. But let me reassure you that in real life it is a fine specimen of a Big Furry Slug!

I am really liking mixing chunky cotton yarn with the luxe faux fur yarn. Contrary to what my photo shows, it does allow more definition of the slug shape! *lol*

curious cupcake teaparty

curious cupcake teaparty

A glimpse of a child’s play. I love it when I turn around and see the scene my girl has created. Here, how wonderful, a world where knit cats, whales, slugs and snails – oh and even a butterfly chrysalis – gather together to enjoy one another’s company while companionably sharing a couple of cupcakes.

Red, yellow and blue

January 19, 2009

Primary Slug Tribe slither on to Etsy's front page

Primary Slug Tribe slither on to Etsy's front page

I am not a primary colors person. I can see their appeal to others and realise that without them the world of print would be devoid of any color at all. However, I know lots of people love primary colors so I made Primary Colors Slug Tribe – who in turn made it to the front page of Yay!

Slug friends

September 25, 2008

I don’t know where my whole romance with slugs came from except my guilt over occasionally and accidentally stepping on a stray one in the dark. SQUELCH! Argh! [Must stop anthropomorphising.] Or maybe it’s because snails get so much adorable exposure in children’s books and even while gardeners have all sorts of methods to eliminate them from the veggie patch they are still thought to be cute with their houses on their backs.

But what about slugs? They are vulnerable, people! No shell to escape into, see? All they can do is curl up. Well, that just makes them easier for birds to swallow! So between one thing and another – not least my subtle admiration for the giant leopard slugs – ooo! I am always delighted when someone orders a veritable puddle – [yes, that is I believe, the official term for a group of slugs (isn’t it awful? makes one think they’ve been salted – argh again!) I prefer “slither of slugs” which I just made up] – in fact, so delighted I tend to make an interloper gift slug for that person.

Just yesterday a lovely lady in the Southern Hemisphere ordered a slither of slugs so this is the surprise that she will find in her package. Isn’t she sweet? She turned out to be one of the loveliest ever. Now back to my Goulish Ghost Slugs for Halloween. Am making a veritiable giant slither of them to go in the goody bag giveaway Made in The Shade is offering to the first thirty people in the door on Saturday 25 October, which is, of course, just a few days before Halloween.