Feng Shui Slugs

January 25, 2010

Who knew? Custom Order Feng Shui Slugs for a lovely lady in Belgium.
Passion/ Love Slug, Yin and Yang Slugs.

The Passion/Love Slug is gorgeous in rich, red and super-soft yarns. I used a scarlet red chenille yarn that has amazing tiny flickers of sparkly red through it – like the sparks of passion!

I also used another shade of red chenille yarn and a yarn made up of loads of fiery red threads.

I noticed (and you can see it in the photo) one of these threads made a little loop outside the knitting and was about to tuck it in neatly when I thought it was like being ‘undone’ in passion so I have left it! LOL.

The white and silver Slug is knit with pure white bamboo yarn with white wool mix yarn and a beautiful silver fibre yarn. The fibres look white in the photos but they are actually silver white. I stuffed this one lightly so it is soft and more feminine.

The black and gold one I made with black bamboo yarn with bright gold lurex yarn and a dull gold fibre yarn. I stuffed it more firmly and made it slightly bigger than the white and silver slug.

What a joy – these Feng Shui Slugs practically made themselves! Beautiful energy.

Love Ffffound!

January 19, 2010

I know it looks like I am just developing a penchant for sites with multiple letters in their names, – Booooooom and now Ffffound! But it is really my loving this screen capture thingy that has been hiding in my Mac forever and I only just Ffffound it!

Here is sweet – but kinda raunchy – The Love Slug who some lovely person selected on this Ffffound site. How darling. You see, you ffffind love in all kinds of interesting places.

Mustard Slug

January 10, 2010

I am really liking the self-colored slugs like Mustard Slug above after some very fancypants slugs like wildly, gorgeously over-the-top flamboyant Jade’s Slug below custom-made for a 12-year old girl. Note multi-piercings of safety pins and silver rings. Balance, people.

Fancypants Slugs

November 16, 2009

Big Luxe Slug

It’s getting a little out-of-control here in the Uncommon Slug department. Our knit slugs are getting fancier and fancier. Slug royalty, fantasy slugs (huh?) even glittery slugs – ew! How lovely!

Festive Cheer

November 5, 2009

Quirky stocking stuffers

Merry Christmas Slug stocking stuffers

It’s Fireworks night here tonight which means it’s nearly Christmas! To help make Christmas very merry I’ve designed these knit slug stocking stuffers in berry red, Christmas tree green and snowy white.

You can get them individually, in sets of 3, 5 or 10. Each Merry Christmas Slug is individually trapped in its own cello bag with “Merry Christmas Slug Ho! Ho! Ho!” card topper. How cute tucked in a Christmas stocking?

Individually trapped

Trapped so they don't need wrapped

Two Lullaby Lily friends have already captured sets of 5 and 10. The lady who bought 10 is giving them to her slug-loving friend with the idea that they are used as tree decorations – how clever is that? When she mentioned her sweet idea I imagined them slithering around a Christmas dinner table, ew! Lovely.

I never thought of them as Christmas decorations.

Hello? Do I hear Martha Stewart calling?


Post Script: Hurrah! Lullaby Lily Merry Christmas Slugs featured in Etsy Gift Guide

This Giant Slug now lives in England

LullabyLily Giant Slug needing home

(Yes, still here and not at my blogger second home yet.) As I made two Giant Slugs today to give as birthday presents I realised again how gorgeous these babies are. The shape of them is so appealing and you can squish them into different sluggy positions. [I have a continual impulse to tweak upwards the feelers on all my girl’s knit slugs, I can’t help it!] I made one each for two 6 year old birthday boys who were having a combined party. Boys love these knit slug toys, and no doubt there is competition over who has the biggest one.

This Giant Slug is now the beloved pet of an older boy in England

This Giant Slug is now the beloved pet of an older boy in England

One of the things I love about knitting something for someone I know, child or adult, is allowing my intuition to choose the yarn colors and seeing what is created while I’m thinking about that person. So the first boy whom we’ve known for a couple of years now has a giant slug which was made with several different yarns in a rich burgundy, natural yellow mohair, natural mushroom raw wool and a soft twisted stripe yarn in brown and cream. He’s a warm Autumny honey just like this darling boy! (I am putting a slightly smaller version in my Etsy shop.)

The second slug I made was for a boy I haven’t known for long but like very much who is sensitive and complex and charming. The Giant Slug he inspired in me is so stunning I am delighted to have enough of all the yarns to make another similar one. It is in greys and blues, but different to the bluegrey one above.

Natural Giant Slug

Natural Giant Slug

Knitting with as many as 8 different yarns of varying plys [a fine mohair with a chunky raw wool or a thick chenille with a tape yarn] on big needles (7’s or even 9’s) reminds me of some of the different parts of each person that make them the individual they are. OK, I know I am sounding slightly pretentious but there we are. I feel the various yarns I use to knit, in this example, a Giant Slug, somehow DO represent the many facets of a particular personality. And I also think that by allowing my intuition to guide me this way I make something that in turn resonates in a surprising way with the recipient.

PS We found a real, live Giant Slug in our compost bin yesterday, he was a beauty!!